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(*) means I don't own this album and haven't listened to it.

(@) means I don't own this album but have listened to it.

thanks to RG for the loan of some material!

Keigo Oyamada (the guy behind Cornelius) was the overall artistic director for the Trattoria label's 250 releases.
(now many or most of which are out of print)

First Question Award

1994 PSCR-5080 menu 29

First solo album. Probably out of print.





Menu 69

Second solo album. Early copies came in a vinyl slipcase. Probably out of print.


96.6.9 Trattoria Menu 96 (PSCR 5480)

This is a remix/redo/reprise of 69/96 though it isn't that clear in english. It has the silver cover with a salaryman in a state of pannic. Quite entertaining listening. Ishino, Sunahara and Y. Konishi all appear. Probably out of print.

< this is the regular cover. There is a more elaborate initial cover with a picture disc, tiny booklet and similar die cut sticker on the front.


1997 Tratoria, Matador Menu (US 1998) cd: OLE 300-2

genius arranger/producer Keigo Oyamada's main project Cornelius' US debut. Hear all sorts of great rock/pop sounds with electronics. The initial Japanese pressing came in a double thick case and contained some (probably) low cost foldup headphones. Later pressings didn't


Free Fall

1998 Matador (U.K.) cd: OLE 308-2

  1. Free Fall
  2. Clash
  3. Brand New Season (Giant Ear Mix)
  4. Typerite Lesson

Typerite Lesson is a non-album track from Fantasma. I found it on a British released Cornelius single Free Fall.

Takako Minekawa (uncredited on at least this single) repeats letters of the alphabet, all acronyms (FBI, CIA, etc. with a probably problematic for U.S. release final pair), presumably as she is practice typing, while a groove spins alongside-- odd, and perplexing but worth a listen. I heard mention of another band, Afghan Wigs doing something very similar piece of music, I don't know how they connect if at all - cover? coincidence? influence?

the first two tracks are from the album Fantasma


  1. Ape Shall Never Kill Ape - U.N.K.L.E. CM - Cornelius ReMixes Electronica/Dance
  2. Maybe I'm Dead 4:31 Money Mark CM - Cornelius ReMixes Electronica/Dance
  3. Great Five Lakes 4:20 buffalo daughter CM - Cornelius ReMixes Electronica/Dance
  4. Atomic Moog 2000 7:02 Coldcut CM - Cornelius ReMixes Electronica/Dance
  5. Windy Hill 3:40 The Pastels CM - Cornelius ReMixes Electronica/Dance
  6. Homespin Rerun 6:11 HIGH LLAMAS CM - Cornelius ReMixes Electronica/Dance
  7. Galaxie Express 69 Mix 7:25 Salon Music CM - Cornelius ReMixes Electronica/Dance

This album compiles remix work Cornelius did for other artists.

A second album CM2 was released more recently in Japan.



This album contains remixes of Fantasma by other artists.



CD album. U.S. Release on Matador

Excellent Surround + regular sound DVD of music videos of every track on the Point album + a remix audio CD called PM. More than worth it for the DVD alone (did the remixers even get paid?). Don't be confused by the 2 different size cases. One is DVD size the other is CD size. Both have the same 2 discs inside. Both were released separately in Japan making the U.S. release quite a bargain!    

  Holiday in the Sun (EP) (*)



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