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(*) means I don't own this album and haven't listened to it.

(@) means I don't own this album but have listened to it.

thanks to David McKenzie and Ron kane for info.

One of the original group of technopop bands. There is an unfortunate lack of CDs of the original albums.



1980 Epic-Sony lp:25 3H-16

Pop rock. Often compared to YMO, but I don't know why. First album. They use synthesizers, but nowhere near the extent as YMO. Masami Tsuchiya's later solo album, Rice Music is very electronic. They are an important new wave band but I never really took to them. No CD was ever released AFAIK.



(*) 1980 Epic/Sony lp: 27-3H-25

Second Album. No CD was ever released AFAIK.


Radio Fantasy

1981 Epic-Sony lp:28 3H-42, Epic (UK) lp: EPC 85395

Guests: Sandii, Makoto Kubota, Pecker. A more electronic than Normal. Different (photo) cover in the U.K. No CD was ever released AFAIK.


Lunatic Menu (best of)

(@)1982 Epic/Sony lp: 28-3H-67, cd: 35.8H-3, ESCB-1667

I bought this thinking it was a new album. It is not, its mostly best of material. This is the only intact Ippu Do album known to exist on CD, its still available AFAIK.

amusing trivia: I bought a used copy from a dealer. It turned out to be once Terre Thaemlitz's copy, but he sold it to that used record shop. Well some years later he got it back through a trade with me.

Ippu Do

September Love/(japanese title)

(*) 1982 epic/sony 7" 07.5H-130

Ippu Do

Night Mirage

(@) 1983 epic/sony EPC-2550, 28.3H-94

  1. plants music
  2. african nights
  3. rain in my heart
  4. water flower
  5. lonely sea lion
  6. sorrow
  7. dream of the gypsies
  8. "sail on"
  9. moon mirage
  10. crystal leaves

Masami TSUCHIYA - vocal, guitar, emulator
Akira MITAKE - keyboards, synth, emulator
Steve JANSEN - Voice, Drums
Richard BARBIERI - Synthesizer solo & synth on "Moon Mirage"
Percy JONES - Bass
Kiyohiko SEMBA - Percussions
Yann TOMITA - Steel drums (!)
Joe STRINGS - Strings

Info from Terry Green and Ron Kane

African Nights/ (japanese title)

(*) 1984 epic sony 7" 07.5H-160
with Steve Jansen (info: Ron Kane)

Dream of the Gypsies/Never Mind

(*) 1984 epic sony 7" 07.5H-176 (info: Ron Kane)

Ippu Do

live and zen

(*) 1984 Epic Sony lp: 35.3H-135/6

Sumire September Love

was the 12" packaged with it.

(*) BEST OF IPPU DO (283H-76_LP)

IPPU-DO+Masami Tsuchiya


(*) cd: ESCB-1866

I think Sony released this recently to compensate for the general lack of full albums in print.

Masami Tsuchiya

Rice Music

1982 Epic/Sony lp:28-3H-64, EPC 85935 (UK), cd: ESCB-1668

Includes a Sakamoto performed track, Kafka. also Matsutake, Toshio Nakanishi, Bill Nelson, Percy Jones, Jansen and Karn. Very impressive very hyper. The drums have a Japan sound to them (as to be expected). Tsuchia was in Ippu-Do. He seems to be wearing a stewardess outfit on the cover. Unless someone stole it, the U.K. pressing had no lyrics inside. Again, I have the UK lp pressing, not exactaly a definitive way to judge sound quality, but I felt it had a sort of Japan (the band) sound, but inferior engineering (vocals kind of burried, instruments bunched together) compared to say later Japan albums. Still, very, very reccomended. (and cheap on CD)

Masami Tsuchiya

Tokyo Ballet

1985 Epic/Sony cd: 32-8H-37, current cd: # ESCB-1669

Not star-studded like Rice Music or anywhere as avant. With Akira Inoue playing synths and Takeshi Fuji on Fairlight. Shi-Shonen seems to be the backing band according to RK.

Masami Tsuchiya

Life In Mirrors

(*)1987 Epic/Sony cd: 32-8H-141

  1. Stay In Heaven
  2. Don't Stop Loving
  3. Khaos Town (Hizashi No Tsumibito)
  4. Mizu No Naka No Hotel (Hotel Atlantis)
  5. Perfect Days
  6. Daydreams Of You
  7. Ichinichi Senya (One Day A Thousand Nights)
  8. Lapis
  9. Because
  10. Planet Mirrors

David Highly writes: Overall this is a more pop sounding release than the Rice Music era recordings. The production values are very good, Masami writing arranging and producing all songs himself. Nigel Walker handles the recording with Matsato Ohmori and Tetsuya Morioka with Nigel handling the mix as well. The recording was done at Air Recording Studios.
There several prominent guest artists on the recording, including David Sylvian, Mick Karn, Andy Mackay and John Taylor. Sylvian does not sing, but contributes guitar and piano. The songs are mainly comprised of ballads with Perfect Days, Day Dreams Of You and Because the standout tracks in my opinion. The most
interesting track on the recording is Lapis a incredibly beautiful piece that has layers of acoustic guitar, atmospheric harmonic bass notes, delicate percussive accents and clarinet. The acoustic guitar runs are like a classical spanish piece. Mick Karn plays the fretless bass and clarinet.

nk: Its currently out of print

Masami Tsuchiya


(*)1988 CBS/Sony cd: 32 8H-5031

Charles & Natalia Lehmann write: Co-produced and engineered by Nigel Walker. Appearances by Mick Karn and David Palmer. Seems to have more of a direction and continuity than other post- Rice Music releases. Nicely arranged songs and good production make this one of Tsuchiya-san's best. (out of print)

Masami Tsuchiya

Time Passenger

1989 Epic/Sony cd: 32-8H-5113

More memorable than say Tokyo Ballet. out of print.

Masami Tsuchiya

Mod' Fish

(@) POCH-1648

5 songs. A whole new ambient style.

Masami Tsuchiya

Forest People

(@) 98.10.21 Cross/Polydor POCH-1734

similar ambient guitar concept

In 2001 Tsuchiya joined the band D.E.P. (Doggy Eels Project) with Vivian Hsu as lead singer and some familiar names backing (masahide Sakuma, Goto Yashiki, Mick Karn). Its a Sakuma production (ex-Plastics, Judy and Mary producer)

Masami Tsuchiya's site (in Japanese)


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