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(*) means I don't own this album and haven't listened to it.

(@) means I don't own this album but have listened to it.

thanks: Terry Green, Chester Campbell


Ishii, Ken

Garden on the Palm

1993 Sony/R&S cd: SRCS 7350, 2x12":R&S Records (Bel) RS 93012

Contains 12"s plus some new material to fill it out into an album

Ishii is Japan's best known techno artist.

Ishii, Ken


1993? R&S (Belgium) cd: RS 94038 CD, SRCS-7443 (Japan)

Contains the various 12"s plus some new material to fill it out into an album. Overlaps the above but is much longer.

Ishii, Ken

Jelly Tones

1995 R&S (Belgium) cd: RS 95065 CD, SRCS-7487(Japan)

New Material. Good design, Akira-type anime by Morimoto, who's a top animator. Clever techno material

(*) Stretch (cd ep: SRCS-8098)


Ken Ishii

Circular Motion + Overlap

(*) 1996 Sony cd ep: SRCS-8146


Ken Ishii

Echo Exit

(*)1997 Sony CD ep: SRCS 8297

info: Chester Campbell

Ken Ishii

Metal Blue America

(@) 1997 R&S Records and Sony SRCS 8523.

  1. Metal Blue America
  2. Butter Bump
  3. Actio Surrealismo
  4. Jet'n' Rush
  5. Super Fly
  6. Somewhere There
  7. Headfirst
  8. Spinous Blue
  9. Decrescendo
  10. Rev Splash
  11. Drummelter (Bonus Track for Limited Edition)

Chester Campbell adds: This cd also contains a CD EXTRA portion that works on Macintosh or Win95 computers. The packaging of this CD is great!! It is a red paper tri-fold folder inside a clear plastic slip case. The red folder is covered in braille-like bumps (there is a pattern but I doubt they mean anything) and the CD itself is silver on top and red on the bottom (playing side). Inside the folder is a folded strip of white paper with some holes punched out (reminiscent of computer punch cards) and then the track information, recording information, liner notes, etc.

compilation supervised by Ken Ishii

Mix-Up Vol 3

(@) SRCS-8053)

Chester Campbell adds: The Mix-Up series is one CD per artist that were recorded live, usually at a club in Japan. Ishii's wasn't recorded in front of an audience but it is a continuous mix ... recorded at Sound Dali, Tokyo on May, 23-24, 1996. The tracks are:

  1. Kala - Ken Ishii
  2. The Nervous Track (Yellow Mix) - Nu Yorican Soul
  3. United Future Airlines (Astral Hijack Mix) - United Future Organization
  4. Multifunction - Tronikhouse
  5. I Believe - Octave One
  6. Finite Time - Flare
  7. Amuck - Low Res
  8. Pitch Control - Moebius-Plank-Neumeier
  9. Static Friendly - BFC
  10. Frame Out - Ken Ishii
  11. Decay - MK
  12. Video Crash (Crash Instrumental) - Tyree
  13. Go (Rainforest Mix) - Moby
  14. Planet Rock - Afrika Bambaataa & Soulsonic Force
  15. Riot in Lagos - Riuichi Sakamoto
  16. Strap Down Part 2 - Meat Beat Manifesto
  17. Military Jazz - Plug 2
  18. Step Into Eden (Rollin'Drum and Bass Mix) - The Ballistic Brothers
  19. Piano Power - Remy & Sven
  20. Strings of the Strings of Life - Rhythm is Rhythm
  21. Can You Feel It - Mr. Fingers

NK: This was part of a 4 album series which are all essentially DJ sets on CD. There is another series with various artists doing a DJ like set as a compilation, like this one, called X-MIX. Ishii has an album in this series also. The X-MIX series I think got a U.S. or European release while the MIX-UP series remained japan only afaik.

Ken Ishii


2001 ken ishii/exceptional (UK) EXLP0103

I have the 14 track UK version, I think various regions have slightly altered contents. Certainly skillful but not much here really excited me. He samples some Tomita classical moog (Firebird) with permission on one track but there isn't enough of it to interest Tomita fans.



Other names that Ishii uses to release albums-


Rising Sun/Yoga Green Times (SBLCD-5002) (*)

Flare Reference to Difference (SBLCD-5006US) (*)



1996 SBLCD-5011, UK CD: Sublime SBLCD50011UK

I never found this one very memorable

Regrip (SBLCD-5012) remix


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