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CD reissue as part of the Crammed Global Soundclash series!

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La Debutante

1987 Crammed Discs (Belgium/UK) lp: CRAM 056, Tokuma LP: 28CRL-3006, CD: 32CRD-106

CD Reissue 2003: CRAM 110 (Belgium)

Tracks produced by either Colin Newman (Wire) or Aksak Maboul. Pieces by Rota, David Lynch, Suicide among others + originals. I'm enchanted by this album. Recorded in Belgium. One of my favorite albums. A CD was released a little later by Tokuma in Japan and is long gone and very hard to find. Fortunately Crammed in Belgium has released the CD in 2003.

Sonoko was based in Paris and had quite a live career going at the time. Her work is eclectic blend of European and Japanese pop music and art music. The work's title comes from a short story by Surrealist author Leonora Carrington.


La poupee qui fait non (version radio) / Marienbad
(@) Crammed Discs (Belgium) vinyl single cram 18457

This rare single has a quite different of the A Side which is more new wave with samples and becomes somewhat different in character than anything on the above album, the B side is unchanged from the album.


New Sonoko interview with Buggle!

It's in English and notice that it runs for several pages which can be accessed with the not really obvious "1 2 3 4..." links


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