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(*) means I don't own this release and haven't listened to it.
(@) means I've listened to this release but don't own a copy myself

<- The CD cover seen on the left from the collection of Rodney Greenblat

thanks for info: Rodney, suGar, tomoe



95.7.01 Ki/oon cd3: KSD2-1095

contains the title track + instrumental version and a non-album Denki Groove cover track, called something like B.A.S.S. In the Alphabet 16 year old Tomoe doesn't quite have her full look and style together yet but is almost there.

Yaruki Sensation

96.4.21 Ki/oon cd3: KSD2-1125

also with an instrumental version and second song, wasurechau mon, on which Tomoe helps write the lyrics. I think these songs are slightly different mixes than the album especially the second song

Kuru Kuru Miracle

96.8.01 Ki/oon cd3: KSD2-1131

signature song, with an instrumental version and a fun and very hyper cover verion of the theme to Kure Kure Takora, the early 1970s costumed character series with the big red octopus. I like the artwork. I think the debut album's look and sound are together now.


Super Model

96.10.02 Ki/oon KSC2-158

Debut album by the 17 year old techno teen. I listened to it in a shop expecting something dumb and was actually very impressed by the track production, singing and whole concept. So I went and bought it and still enjoy it a lot. Turns out the album was overall produced by Takkyu Ishino (Denki Groove) and has tracks contributed by Sunahara, CMJK and Hoodrum. You can't get much more hyper and fun.


non album CD3 singles:



97.4.01 Ki/oon cd3: KSD2-1152

This song became the end theme of the 2nd season of to the popular anime Kodomo no Omocha and also appeared on the soundtrack album. I also understand that in the U.S., if not all overseas adaptations the song was used on all the episodes. The last song with Ishino producing.

Kodomo no Omocha

(*)97.02.21 sony cd: SRCL-3760



97.8.01 Ki/oon cd3: KSD2-1166

Self produced, non-album single, the band is billed as Shinoland Punk


Kokoro no Usagi

97.12.08 Ki/oon cd3: KSD2-1167

this single was tied into a cosmetics TV commercial with her appearing wearing a bunny ears with angel wings outfit. (well actually there's a video of her doing a punky song that way but here she's cute and gentle.) Only one track, with a calm pretty sound.


Karogons Theme

98.1.21 Ki/oon cd3: KSD2 1777

Karogons Love Song

(*) 98.5.21 Ki/oon cd3: KSD2 1193

both non album duet with a guy singer. It's kind of folk-y

Megaphone Speaks

98.08.05 Ki/oon cd:KSC2-236

Second album with her eskimo-style outfit. She is the overall producer.

There seem to be 3 kinds of packaging. Early copies have a deluxe bonus book, Megaphone Speaks Like This with more photos and song info in Japanese) on heavy sort of children's book cardboard and a 3D cover picture inserted in the case and a paper booklet. Then most copies I've seen have the 3D cover and paper booklet but no bonus book. Then I've seen what I guess are later pressings with no 3D cover. How I can tell it's different is that this version's paper booklet says "Megaphone speaks" on the front replacing the 3D cover art. The versions with the 3D cover have no album name on their paper booklet cover.

This one has a much wider range of styles than the first one. While her first one had different arrangers it was pretty much in the same style. It starts with a neat "Mighty Atom" sort of tribute and springs into the amazingly hyperactive "Shopping A->Z" (a Toni "Hey Micky" Basil tune). There are tracks with P5's Konishi, Buffalo Daughter and Naoko "Shonen Knife" Yamano. Only one other hyper techno track, "Love Bang". She takes part in lyric writing and melody composition on many tracks


Another Side of Blue - suGar from Buffalo Daughter mentions a double 12"-only remix they did. There are also remixes by other artists. Very very hard to locate, I found out it existed not long after release and it took me several years before I found one for sale and it's simply amazing. The standout is microblue done in a Giorgio Moroder style. I can only speculate that her impending departure from Ki/oon made this a very limited release. Pity.

Dream & Machine

99.4.25 cd: Dream Machine HDCA-10002

A new Warner based label. Tracks with Sean and Yuka of Cibo Matto, Buffalo Daughter, and Shonen Knife. It has sort of a 20th birthday theme. This is kind of borderline in length that its sometimes called a minialbum, if so its a rather lengthy mini-album

Some nice stuff but no real techno and runs the the range into being maybe too cute and good but not always as polished singing as one could hope for. I guess it's a little more rock than pop and more of her doing songs with bands and artists than as polished studio arrangements. The almost-Cibo Matto song (just Yuka and Sean) is fun but kind of disconcerning because you expect Miho to sing and hear Tomoe instead

Inside the booklet is a smaller booklet. I don't know how symbolic its supposed to be but there is a photo of her wearing a sailor suit and drinking at an NYC bar. What bugs me is at 20 years old she is too old to wear a sailor suit but too young to be drinking legally in Manhattan - but that may very well be the humor of it? Well I guess maybe she's not actually drinking alcohol but still she shouldn't even be at the bar (in a sailor suit).

Some early copies came with a blank recordable miniDISC as a gift. When I first saw one I was excited and bought it again because I thought there was a special recording on it. But it's a blank. For a while I had a dream that maybe she'd put a mixtape on it after my looking sad that it was blank and asking really nicely, but I never tried and that hope dimmed as the format became obsolete since


99.2.24 cd5: Dream Machine HDDA-10001

debut new Warner label single, with 2 other tracks + instrumental in a candy box style package containing a gift, a very bright green plastic change? purse, could be for candy storage?

Happy Point

HAPPY POINT / Story Book / Women in Life (autumn '99 mix)

(@) 99 cd: Dream Machine HDCA-10021

3 song CD5. Initially I found this one a bit too J-Pop for me, but still its's good J-Pop with a lot going on. Non-album. See the top of this page for a pic.

Deep Sound Channel

99.11.25 cd: HDCA-10020

This one has 11 remixes and a new Sugizo produced song (Voyage) which is Bosa Nova, otherwise its pretty techno which works out quite well including good production on Voyage. Entertaining overall. Remixers: Joe Rinonie/Masaki Suzukawa/Harrie Hosotani, DJ KOO(TRF), Bananna Republic, Quadra, CMJK, Ryuichiro Yunoki (with a *real* obvious bass line lifted off an eno song), Graham Clifford, Alex Verhoeven, Madam<Stephane K>, Paraguay. The packaging has a flexible plastic CD case with sparkles which I've never seen anything similar too. The CD itself comes in a cardboard sleeve.

Good remix title: Hello Tribal Mix

Wakame Yoshino

2000 H

00.01.21 Jagged Apple/Pryiad SEP-2

A 3 song CD5 written and produced by Tomoe for a fun singer friend of her's

an Audio

2000.5.24 cd5: HDCA-10036

  1. an Audio (produced by Hoppy Kamiyama)
  2. loop people
  3. an audio RRRRRainbow Mix (by Tomoe Shinohara)

new material and she does her own remix


I wanna say to...

2000.8.9 HDCA-10047

billed here as just tomoé and she has a wild sophisticated new look (left) and while she's back to her old looks for TV appearances right after that I'm sure she was testing the reaction of a calmer grown up persona presented in the promotional video.



(*) 2000? HDCA-10052

This is the theme song to the anime about a sumo wrestler called Dotto! Koni-chan. He, Tomoe and Ryudo Uzaki sing the main theme and Tomoe sings the end theme solo. Sadly this was Tomoe's last release for several years.


Ashita ni tsuzuku sora

04.01.28 cd5 DJCA-10009

ZuTTO - is an ongoing duet with singer Eiko Matsumoto.

They released a 2 song CD5 Ashita ni tsuzuku sora and a second single on iTunes Japan (but it's hard to buy if you don't live in Japan). The single was mentioned in a lot of Japanese music publications because they reduced the price compared to other singles and sold all the copies out right away. I had no problem finding new copies later in 2004 but more recently it's hard to find a new copy. They are the official band for the Marusan Soup company so they appear in commercials and do special concerts.

There was a followup single a couple years later on iTunes Japan only.

Mon-Studio is a kids TV show Tomoe is a cast member of. There are DVDs and CDs from the show. Some of the CDs highlight other characters so Tomoe only sings on the theme which is available on other albums. There are many songs she sings but I don't think she helps write them. One album I've heard that has her singing a bunch of songs is - Isshoni Utaou Saishin Best Aozora no Rakugaki (PCCG-680). Important observation: Tomoe seems to be the only cast member on the show who does not have a tail (^_^)

Tomoe Shinohara

Aso Fever 2005

05.10.19 PCCG-690

- three song single. The title song was featured on the 6th. season of Kojiki no Gash Bell (Zatch Bell). It marks the debut of her collaboration with producer Kagami. He often played turntables at Denk Groove live shows. Later they after this single chose the name Tokyo Flash for collaborations. Sadly Kagami passed away in 2010.


Tomoe Shinohara


11.3.29 download DIY Hearts

Tomoe seems to have spent her 2011 birthday creating a song to support disaster relief efforts. Look for the quilt on the right if you can't easily find her name (it's in Japanese). The donation interface and overall site is available in English

Official Site (in Japanese)

Tomoe Shinohara Official Blog Website (In Japanese)

Tomoe Shinohara Official Twitter (In Japanese)

Myspace (Official and in English)

Tomoe Shinohara Arts Myspace (Official and in English)


All of a sudden was touched by an Angel…

(actually played by Tomoe Shinohara stopping to shake hands during her entrance for her 2000 musical stage play )

…Somehow I feel blessed.



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