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(*) means I don't own this album and haven't listened to it.
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yukari's perfect!

1997 Escalator cd: escd 002

Like Cornelius, Yukari Fresh is both a band and an artist. Fresh is the operating word here. Ms. Fresh does a Shibuya sound and samples a bunch of styles such as Yukarin' Disco (featured on the Sushi 4004 compilaton) which is a little reminicent of the Buggles. 10 tracks but the CD is only an EP in length. Hideki Kaji does a cameo as "Hideki Burger" A great debut.

cook some dishes

1998 Escalator ep: ESC015

the cover says 1352 real large. to my surprise this one turned out to be an arranged medley of as many as 20 mostly now familiar yukari fresh songs all in an intense 13minute 52 second edit. That description doesn't sound too good but it is very exciting and well done.

New Year's Fresh

1999 Escalator cd: escd008

I heard this one first and would reccomend it for a first listen. Very enjoyable and extremely catchy electronic pop.

Lost and Found

1999 Escalator cd3: esc017

this is a 3 track single which is a CD3 with a full size booklet and clear case (so it's filed with the CD5s)

  1. Lost and Found - Hideki Burger Mix
  2. Lost and Found - original
  3. Sweet Mouth - short wavy edit

Nothing too exceptional or terrible on this one. Hideki Kaji fans may want it for their collection. We do find out everyone elses full names (Yukari Takasaki and Yugo Katayama)


2000 Escalator cd: escd010

This is 15 cover versions or remixes of Yukari Fresh songs by quirky mostly obscure (to me) bands. Known to me are Hideki Kaji and the Pop Tarts. Quite enjoyable and well done which I find rare for this sort of concept.


2001 Escalator ep: esc037

7 new tracks clocking in at a brisk 16:19 ! Certainly quite fun but it doesn't last long enough to really get into it or find irresistable songs on. I think Yukari likes watching sports, and Erik is a cyclist.

Trefoils Hat

03.2.1 Escalator cd: escd025

Lots of printing on vellum! 12 track album. Certainly enjoyable and album length. I wish there were more really catchy songs instead of kind of fun kind of catchy songs. Yugostar is back after his name was absent as far as I can tell on erik

(*) HORSEY MARIE cd single: ESC-050




(@) 2001 Escalator

A non-Yukari Fresh side project by Yugo Katayama with Yukari guesting on quite a few tracks. It's like swingers music with backing vocals, some lead vocals and a bit of a cartoon attitude at times when it's not more laid back. (thanks dmack for the listen)

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