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(*) means I don't own this album and haven't listened to it.

(@) means I don't own this album but have listened to it.

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Yasuaki Shimizu

Music For Commercials

1987 Crammed Discs/Made To Measure (Belgium/UK) cd: MTM 12 CD , Tokuma cd: 32CRD-111

Essential disk of miniature marvels. Includes one longer track for a Kawaguchi computer video. Volume 12 of the Made to Measure series, the Japanese issue is licensed, not the more usual other way around.

Yasuaki Shimizu


(*)1987 Victor cd: VDR-1382 

Yasuaki Shimizu


(@)1988 Victor cd: VDR-1542

the name is pretty accurate

Yasuaki Shimizu


(*)1989 Victor cd: VDR-1643 

Yasuaki Shimizu

Shadow of China

1990 Victor/Invitation cd: VICL-29

Nice soundtrack, with of course, Chinese instruments. It later gets sax filled. Great Packaging with an acetate slipcase. I think a track was used in Greenaway's film "The Pillow Book".

Yasuaki Shimizu


1991 Les Disques Du Soleil et de l'Acier (Fr) CDSA 54018
  1. Besame Mucho
  2. Sawayaka San
  3. Hebitsukai
  4. Tote Tote
  5. Sukoyaka San
  6. Macarena
  7. Besame Mucho (sax mix)
Ralf Kraus writes: A very interesting CD. The music is Latin with much Sax, but a few songs are very difficult to listen to, because they are very experimental. The CD is the right thing to play in the background when you meet a few friends and drink a cool glass of wine. (I like it sometimes)

More electronics than the title would lead you to suspect. The first track has weird slowed down vocals. Strange fun.

Yasuaki Shimizu and Saxophonettes


97.9.22 Victor cd: VICL-60112

An album of Bach covers in various minimal/avant/electronica styles. Some real interesting stuff. Though sokme women speaking edited small talk in english over one track seems distracting. The openning track is ahead of it's time in a microsound style. Maybe intentional but I can't help but compare Glenn Gould's vocalizing to the digital extra sounds in the openning. On other tracks there are somewhat manipulated vocals and sax arrangemnts.


Yasuaki Shimizu Homepage


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