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(@) means I've heard this album but don't actually own a copy.

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Contributed tracks:

There are numerous tracks Hosono wrote, produced and performed for others to sing on. (see produced by for some). These tracks listed here are mostly unique solo tracks (or at least different mixes) included on compilation albums.

Bellwood Tapes

(*) 1972 King 10 track lp: K20A-370, 16 track cd: K32X-66

I think this has multiple acts on it including the Far East Family Band (members Kitaro and Fumio went on to new age fame), presumably Happy End is on it.

Snakeman Show


(*) 21 Feb 1981 CD: ALCA-9082/3

Orgasmus Orchestra (Hosono) play Sakisaka to momonai no gokogen ikaga 1-2-3.

INTER FACE a 1:30 television commercial track from the early 80s on YEN BOX vol 1 BONUS DISC. HH would later make a whole album of these sorts of tracks - Coincidental Music.

Chilscape Compilation, Vol. 1

Into The Soft

1993 VAP cd: VPCC-84408

compiled by Kay Nakayama (Something Wonderful).

Paradise ver .1 (this track in a different mixes is on Swing Slow)



1995 Sub Harmonic (USA) 2 CD: SD7011-2

Rain Dream (a short track Naga style without Laswell)

Navigations (a longer 15 minute mix of a N.D.E. track with Shimizu and overdubs by Laswell)

Trivia: The name Akasha I think was legendary cult status band from 1970s Sweden.



1996 Submeta (USA) double cd: SM 9803-2

Contains the track Ether Vibes (7:51) which was written by HH and Miharu Koshi .

Future Music

25 Oct 1996 FOA cd: FRCA-1014

Ether Vibes ver. 1.3

A compilation not too far from the Chillscape or Divination series in terms of selection.

NET 17

1996 Think Sync Records cd: TSCA001


an album of ambient and electronica tracks by various artists. Think Sync Integral Records is run by Yasuhiko Terada who has been a long time engineer for HH and was a musical collaborator on N.D.E.. Hosono's track is ambient with lite drum machine, I guess this track is most similar to the rare Good Sport album in that there is a beat but not the ethnic content of his mid 90s work. Most of the acts are working in similar areas of electronic music as Hosono was.

catch some online previews from this label here

Daisy World Tour

1996 Daisyworld SYDW-0001

This is an intro for the Daisy World label (not a live album!). Many of the tracks are non-album. Includes Etherscape and Daisy (Bicycle built for Two) by Swing Slow, organic mango by H.A.T. which seems the same as the album version.

  1. Etherscape - Swing Slow (Miharu Koshi and Hosono)
  2. Static Seeds - Tetsu Inoue & Jonah Sharp
  3. Overcome the Programming - Atom heart
  4. Sleep Cruise - Paul Schütze
  5. Smoothness Above All Else - Machine Paisley (Atom Heart)
  6. Organic Mango - HAT (Hosono, Atom Heart, Inoue)
  7. Daisy 'Bicycle built for Two' - Swing Slow
  8. Living Without You - World Standard (a Randy Newman cover)
  9. Music for Seashore - Pacific 231
  10. Pirouette - Tatsuhiko Asano
  11. Sao - Light in Darkness
  12. Medium Feedback - Mitsuto Suzuki

Mitsuto Suzuki later did a project called Electric Satie for JVC.

Atom Kids

Tribute To The King "O.T."

(@) 1998 WEA WPC6-8522

Tribute to Japan's most famous animator and cartoonist Osamu Tezuka. Hosono does the only non-cover version on this album. He does a kind of 1960s ish cartoon theme on synths, quotes the Astro Boy theme inside his melody and adds cartoon sound effects (that seem to be from the Flintstones... but anyway its the thought that counts :-)

Omukae de gonsu-- Haruomi Hosono (original composition)


Strange Flowers Vol.1

-The compilation of Daisy Creatures-

(@) 2002.4.3 CTCR14214

similar daisyworld launching compilation to daisy world tour for daisyworld's relaunch

  1. BICYCLE 100 -eater (Katsuki Kagawa)
  2. FRAGMENT STAR -Guerrilla-chang
  3. MIKO -L.I.D
  4. Daisyworld Jingle #1 -Smooth Ace
  5. MUSICAL BALLOON -Gutevolk (Hirono Nishiyama)
  6. J.F.P. -takagi masakatsu
  7. TE NA NA -World Standard
  8. QUEER NOTIONS (Live Production ver.) -Tin Pan & friends
  10. Daisyworld Jingle #2 -Smooth Ace
  11. HINEMOSU -Micabox feat. Ayako Takatoh
  12. BONNE NUIT MINOUCHE -Miharu Koshi (Haruomi Hosono Remix)
  14. THE ZERO HOUR -Pacific 231 (Haruomi Hosono Remix)
  15. GOKIGEN IKAGA 1-2-3 -Sketch Show (Yukihiro Takahashi + Haruomi Hosono)
  16. Daisyworld Jingle #3 -Smooth Ace
  17. FOREST FRIENDS -Vagabond c.p.a. (Haruomi Hosono Remix)

Sort of represents the direction of his reestablished label. Has newly done old style music, remixes of some favorites, soul music styled advertising jingles for the label and some ambient pop electronica. A pleasant trip.

Remixes of Hosono (by others)


The Return of F.O.E.

1993 TECN-25227

Remixes by Steve Hillage (System 7), Baby Ford, Karl Bonnie, cover art by Osamu Sato.  probably Out of print

Haruomi Hosono in the '90s

The Michael Brook Remix

1992 cd5 single: Alfa ALCA-270

I guess Hosono's catchy material plus the remix by Brian Eno alumni Michael Brook help to make this one of the best remix outings. Out of print. 

Mental Sports Mixes

1993 Tristar (USA) cd: WK 57784, Sony ESCB-1407

Album of mixes produced by Kay Nakayama. 3 Omni Sight Seeing remixes by Graham Massey, 3 by the somehow Hosono-affiliated Tokyo group Something Wonderful. and one mix each by Tim Simenon/Bomb the Bass and the Orb. These remixes lock into a groove much better than the originals and sequence into an album quite nicely. There is a U.S. promo 12" of one of the Gram Massey mixes. Same as the album.

I generally tell people this is the best Ambient with a beat album I have heard. Kay Nakayama produced another project in this style for the Beatniks.

said to be out of print?

Interpieces Organization contains half remixes

Jado Remix

98.6.1 FOA FRCA-1022

contains 2 remixes from Naga. Jado by Ken Ishii and Naga by Flare (which is also Ken Ishii)

nothing bad, but nothing good either. nice packaging. Thanks to Terry Green for finding this one.

Best of Albums:

Happy End

CITY (best of)

(*) cd: KICS-8102

his early 70s non-electronic band.

Hosono Haruomi Best 12

(*)1984 Crown 035-CDC-2010

Best of early works.

DH: This cd contains a song titled Yellow Magic Carnival, possibly Hosono's first mention of this concept.

Hosono Haruomi Best 15

(*) cd: CRCP-28064

Haruomi Hosono

(*) cd: Crown ZL-5007 (16 tracks)

Hurry Up Hosono

still another album of best of early material.

Sound Image Series Vol. 1

Island Music

1983 CD: CBS/SONY CSCL 1301

Compilation album. Music by Haruomi Hosono, Tatsuro Yamashita, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Shigeru Suzuki, Masataka Matsutohya,Takahiko Ishikawa. The 3 Hosono tracks are compiled from Pacific and Agean Sea plus 2 tracks from Summer Nerves by Sakamoto including a reggae one.

Sound Image Series Vol. 2

Off Shore

(*) CBS/Sony CSCL-1303

Compilation includes material from Pacific and The Aegean Sea. This disc has the early version of Cosmic Surfin'.

Haruomi Hosono

Best Selection

(*)1990 Alfa cd ALCA-74

11 tracks including the instrumental version of 'Sangoku-shi'

info from Coc198teau

The Best Instrumental Music Of Haruomi Hosono

1988 Continental 25CH4 A compilation of tracks from the Monad series. Nothing unique.

The Best of Non Standard

(*) 1985 Non Standard lp: 25NS-8, cd: 30CH-165, current CD: TECN-19760

Includes a unique track Shuyo, Mimotoe Chikazukan (Hymn, Protestant No.320) credited to the NON STANDARD CHOIR


(*) 1991 cd single : CDS-10402

Has tracks by Mikado, Shi-Shonen and 2 by World Standard. I suspect this is a promo to coincide with the early 1990s reissues of many of the Non-Standard releases. I notice none of the tracks are Monad label tracks

Hosono Box

Hosono Box 1969-2000

00.3.22 daisyworld 4 cds: RWCL-20003-6

Before it came out this it was initially titled THE MUSIC MASTER OF JAPANESE POP MUSIC 1969-2000. Its a 4 CD double CD height box with a 112 page book written mostly in Japanese. Sohichiro Suzuki (of World Standard) worked on this compilation project. It also has an elaborate discography and plenty of illustrations.

(info from Jonas Warstad and Yue Yaguchi, some attrbution info seems a little simplified)

DISC1. Harry Singing 1969-1978

  1. Blue Monk 1962 as Haruomi Hosono (orig. Thelonious Monk)
  2. Mr. Soul 1969 as Susie Cream Cheese (orig. Buffaro Springfield)
  3. Shin shin shin 1970 as Happy End
  4. Tobenai Sora (Can't fly the sky) 1970 as Happy End
  5. Arigato 1970 for Chu Kosaka
  6. kaze o atsumete (gathering the wind) 1971 as Happy End
  7. natsu nandesu (It's a summer) - live 1973 as Happy End
  8. Furaibou (A vagabond) 1973 as Happy End Box
  9. Ai ai gasa (In umbrella with you) 1973 as Happy End
  10. Rock-a-by my baby 1973 as Haruomi Hosono
  11. Owari no kisetsu (season of farewell) 1973 as Haruomi Hosono
  12. Fuyu goe (go through the winter) - live 1974 on solo stage
  13. Nettai yo (Tropical night) 1975 as Haruomi Hosono
  14. Yellow Magic Carnival 1975 as Tin Pan Alley
  15. Hurricane Drothee 1975 as Haruomi Hosono
  16. Peking Duck - single version 1975 as Haruomi Hosono
  17. Chow Chow Dog 1976 as Haruomi Hosono
  18. Black Peanuts 1976 as Haruomi Hosono
  19. Shimen soka (Ostracized) 1978 as Haruomi Hosono
  20. Paraiso 1978 as Haruomi Hosono

You can hear him transform from R&B and folk into stylized Exotica. Everything here is pretty much non-electronic

DISC2. Harry Singing and Playing 1978-1996

  1. Simoon 1978 as YMO
  2. Absolute Ego Dance 1979 as YMO
  3. Gradated Grey 1981 as YMO
  4. Sports Man 1982 as Haruomi Hosono
  5. Yumemiru Yakusoku (Promise to dream) 1982 as Haruomi Hosono
  6. Theme of "Sangoku shi" 1982 as Haruomi Hosono
  7. Lotus Love 1983 as YMO
  8. Chaos Panic 1983 as YMO
  9. The Madmen 1983 as YMO
  10. Body Snatchers (with Japanese lyrics) 1984 as Haruomi Hosono
  11. Strange Love 1984 as Haruomi Hosono
  12. Pliocine 1989 as Haruomi Hosono
  13. Honey Moon 1993 as Haruomi Hosono
  14. Caravan 1996 as Swing Slow
  15. Good morning, Mr. Echo 1996 as Swing Slow

This is the disc that most collectors of his synth music have nearly everything on. The vinyl only Swing Slow version of Caravan is the first time on CD. Yumemiru Yakusoku and Theme of "Sangoku shi" are somewhat rare tracks.

DISC 3. Harry Playing 1978-1998

  1. Cosmic Surfin' 1978 pre-YMO version
  2. Hepatitis 1978 from Cochin Moon
  3. Chambala tsushin (Chambala news) 1978 as Haruomi Hosono
  4. Loom 1981 as YMO
  5. 3.6.9. 1984 as Haruomi Hosono
  6. Wakare no tema (Theme of farewell) 1985 as Haruomi Hosono
  7. Piettro Germi 1985 as Haruomi Hosono
  8. The image of a Paradise 1985 as Haruomi Hosono
  9. To the air 1985 as Haruomi Hosono
  10. Ketsu-gan (prayer) 1987 as Haruomi Hosono
  11. Snow Fall 1989 from a V.A. album
  12. good sport mix 1995 as Haruomi Hosono
  13. Voo Doo Surfer - analog version 1996 as Swing Slow
  14. Biogenic Frequency 1997 from the V.A. album "Rainbow 2000"
  15. Omukae De Gonsu (Came here to pick you up) 1998 from a V.A. Tezuka Tribute album
  16. Christmas was late! 1997 as VAGABOND & HARRY

Some previously available only on compilation tracks here.

DISC 4. Odds and Ends1969-2000

  1. Green Buck Dollar - Performed by Ox Drivers and Y.M.O. Remixed materials from Ox Drivers (March,1965) and Y.M.O. (April, 1980) by Hosono

  2. Tegami - Unreleased track by Happy End from 1970

  3. Party - 1975
  4. Rokka-bai-mai-beibi - 1975

  5. Pekin Duck - 1976
  6. Cho Cho-San - 1976
  7. Bolero - 1976
  8. Hurricane Dorothy - 1976
  9. Firecrackers - 1976
  10. 'Sayonara'The Japanese Farewell Song - 1976

    Formerly unreleased live recording tracks 1976
  13. RUM & DUCK

    Formerly unreleased studio session tracks
  14. Pleosine - 1987
  15. Main Theme for 'Hoshi-o-tsugu-mono' - 1989
  16. Babylon no Kuchu Teien - 1995
  17. Drag The Beat - 1999

All unreleased material on the final disc, much of it is early though.

Before you get too excited the YMO remixed track is like an unplugged acoustic cover version incorportating HH's available recording. Its the kind of old and new technique YMO's done on ¥en Memorial where one recording jumps to a newer somewhat more pumped up version.

Tracks 5-10 are a fine exotica-style live concert with Sakamoto on piano. Of course the non-synth cover of Martin Denny's Firecrackers is of interest to YMO fans


Wizardly Tour of HOSONO BOX 1969-2000

(@) 2000 daisyworld/Re-Wind PRW-15

This is a single disc promo-only edit, its fairly common to make a special promo single CD for press and radio of a boxed set rather than give out copies of a complete and expensive boxed set. 12 tracks are selected from all the CDs but what is unique is there are spoken word segues bu Hosono between cuts so its like an episode of Hosono's radio show Hyperballad.

Hosono Produced:

Hosono has produced a number of artists. His YMO-era Sheena and the Roketts albums are supposedly quite good, but my 2 got lost or stolen before I listened to them. A third one I have. He also worked with Sandii & the Sunsetz. He was slated to produce actor John Lone's album, but I don't know if it was made. He produced a famous album for Shoukichi Kina, Bloodline. (*)1980 Polydor cd: H25P-20307

He produced or executive produced (with Yukihiro Takahashi) most albums on the YEN label.

After YEN he had his own label Non-Standard. Albums on the label I don't have are Shi-Shonen's Singing Circuitand a Replica album.
Under the respective artist I have listed albums by also Pizzacato Five's first 2 singles, Miharu Koshi, Urban Dance, Interior, Mikado since I own all of these.

Some Idol songs done by HH are: (info from J P M) all (*)

MATSUDA, Seiko : Garasu No Prism (Glass Prism) (Music And Arrangement)
Pink No Mozart (Pink Mozart) (Music, a big hit I think)
Bruge No Kane (Bell ???) (Music) 1982

KOIZUMI, Kyoko : Tsuretete Phantasien (Take Me ToPhantasien) (Music) 1987 YAMADA, Kuniko: Testugasku shi you, Viens Philosopher  (Music And Arrangement)

FUJIMURA, Miki: Furnace Eiga, YumeKoibito(Music And Arrangement)

Imho kin Trio: HighschoolLulaby (Music And Arrangement) this one seems to be a recycled Miharu Koshi track with new lyrics

more idol tracks are included in albums in the Techno-cayo series

Some other album credits I've run into all seem to be 1999 reissued:


TYU KOSAKA motto motto (ALCA-9180)
TYU KOSAKA hazukasisoni (ALCA-9181)
TYU KOSAKA horo (ALCA-9182) produced by Hosono

piles of arrangements and production in the Techno Ca-yo series

Chisato Moritaka

This Summer Will Be More Better

98.5.21 Zetima/Sony EPCE 5001

Here is a new album with young singer Chisato Moritaka on which Hosono writes most of the tracks and produces and plays most of the instruments on all of them. She herself writes some lyrics and plays some percussion. The album is billed on the back cover as "Moritaka Sun with Hosono Sun". On the track A Bientôt, Miharu Koshi does the writing and arranging with Hosono performing. Doesn't match the otherwise very summery and tropical feel of the rest of the album, but its a superbly elegant track none the less.

In 1999 the two of them appeared in a series of commercials for Lawsons (a big chain of convenience stores). They used their songs for the commercials and cutely played husband and wife. Some remixes of the tie in songs can be heard on this album and on at least one '97 CD3 single- Miracle Light/Miricle Woman.


Projects Hosono compiled:

alternative artists


compiled by Haruomi Hosono from the Quiet Lodge

1995 Epic/Sony cd: ESCB 1557

12 new bands selected by HH. They all work in an ambient with a beat style. It is nicely programmed so as to sound like an album instead just a compilation. This also true since the bands while sounding different still work in a similar genre. 

Jean-Joel Barbier

Erik Satie Album

1984 Victor lp: JMI-280006

Hosono "compiled" this edition from a 1970s French piano album. Part of the great Music Interior series.

NonStandard label checklist:

(still under construction!)

these were reissued on CD in 2001 I was hoping all would be reissued but only these have been so far

a nice website on non standard is here

daisy world label checklist:

HH's ambient label. Some releases are not Hosono produced.

-distributed by SYNERGY era -

I understand this parent distributer went out of business so material from Synergy and ReWind appear to be completely out of print other than foreign pressings and possible future re-issues.

Daisy World Tour (SYDW-1)

This is an intro for the Daisy World label. Many of the tracks are non-album. Includes Etherscape and Daisy *Bicycle built for Two by Swing Slow, organic mango by H.A.T. which I seems the same as the album version. this like all the 1998 and earlier daisyworld releases are out of print



This is the first album release from Hosono's new label Daisy World (in Japan). I've listened to it, It's Drum and Bass. Nicely done but I can't personally get excited by the sounds of these little units since there is just too much of it around. Still theres a lot going on and the semi improvised sounding melodies are much better than the non-melodies in this sort of music. Thanks to Terry Green for album info. This album is was out in Europe on Atom Heart's Rather Interesting label but both are out of print AFAIK


Lisa Carbon Trio De Janeiro (SYDW-3) This is an Atom Heart project which was recently re-issued in Belgium. I think suGar from Buffalo Daughter was hunting around for this when we once went record shopping back in '99


the Belgian released reissue (seen in the scan) is on Quatermass (QS114)


(*) Datacide (TETSU INOUE & ATOM HEART) Ondas (SYDW-4)

(*) Terre Thaemlitz Couture Cosmetique (SYDW-5)



Hosono produced and plays guitar. Larry Campbell plays country instruments (or maybe he's just sampled with permission) and Mina (HH's daughter) sings occasionally. Sohichiro Suzuki does the rest. This is a mix of Country, Ambient with some East Indian music. Hosono wrote a track and there is a Hank Williams cover. Floaty.


Vagabond (the group) and Harry Hosono do a tribute to David Seville of Alvin and the Chipmunks (who's creator passed away that year) and Les Paul, though the Les Paul tribute part isn't really apparent to me. What you get is an Xmas single with Vagabond and Harry as the featured performers over a track written and performed by Instant Cytron, who also do chipmunk voices themselves. Also a sound collage like many Xmas pop and fan club B sides and an instrumental version.


(*) Mixmaster Morris & Jonah Sharp Quiet Logic (SYDW-0008)

(*) Apache 61 Danger (SYDW-009S) I'm told she is Yasuaki Shimizu's London based sister.

(*) Tipsy Trip Tease-The seductive sounds of Tipsy (SYDW-0010) this I think came as a trade of liscencing from Asphodel in the U.S.. The U.S. edition is still probably available


PACIFIC 231 MIYASHIRO (SYDW-0011) released: 98.3.21

This is the vintage 1930s ish Big Band sounding music of the American born brothers of Japanese heritage, Glenn and Steve Miyashiro who each composed tunes. Hasumi and Miyake of Pacific 231 each take on arranging one of the brothers for orchestra with synth. Plus there are 2 other pieces not by the brothers but perhaps associated with them and certainly that period. Like Gurenica, not overtly electronic per se, but certainly of interest to exotica fans (and probably big band fans!) out of print



The second HAT album. Perhaps more improv-y than the first. Hosono plays acoustic instruments. More different styles rather than just d&b. Each song comes with a CD-sized postcard of that song! Out of print in Japan but re-released in the U.S. on otodisc


(*) Apache 61 Apache 61 (SYDW-13)

-distributed by ReWind era -

now out of print.

Light In Darkness The Sound of Dreams (RDW-2001) release: 99.10.29

This one is very Shibuya style some tracks with lyrics some without. Light in Darkness is Fumihiro Murakami and HH executive produced. On first listen it seemed cool and fun though I felt it lost some interest with repeated listens.


VAGABOND the old music master (RDW-2003) (*) 99.12.10

Miharu Koshi L'Assassinat de la rue du Pelican (RWCL20007) (@) 00.2.23

HOSONO BOX 1969-2000 (RDW20003) 00.3.2

Tin Pan Tin Pan (RWCL-20009) 2000.11.22

Miharu Koshi Frou-frou (RWCL20012) (*) 01.4.2


-distributed by Cutting Edge -

These 2002 releases are in print


Strange Flowers vol. 1 various artists (CTCR-14214) (@)

(@) takagi masakatsu JOURNAL FOR PEOPLE (CTCR-14217)(*) also available as a DVD is said tobe scheduled for a U.S. release on carpark but I don't know the status.


the humming of tiny people

2002.8.7 CTCR-14221

Gutevolk is hirono nishiyama who recorded before on childisc under her own name. She sings several songs in English, 2 in French with a song each in German and Japanese and a couple instrumentals. Her style is definitely in the same region childisc releases. Simple pretty songs, imaginative lyrics, with light sounding instruments sometimes toy-like or children's song sounding but often with an experimental approach, if it sounds interesting then use it attitude. Includes a short computer playable video by the artist.


Sketch Show

Audio Sponge

(@) 02.9.19 CTCR-14224

  1. Turn Turn
  2. Wonderful To Me
  3. Microtalk
  4. Wilson
  5. Supreme Secret
  6. Do You Want To Marry Me
  7. Gokigen Ikaga 1.2.3
  8. Reform
  9. Flying George
  10. Turn Down Day
  11. Return
  12. Theme From A Summer Place

New Hosono-Takahashi collaborative project with Sakamoto as guest! Light hearted and quite enjoyable

Turn Turn starts off the album in a YMO direction certain to please fans. It combines recent more techno Takahashi stylings seemingly with Hosono's Indian feel (not that Takahashi, with his appreciation of George Harrison is out of the loop or Hosono with the occasional F.O.E. style beat mixed in)

Wonderful To Me fits in with a fairly popular contemporary direction in Japanese electronica with a lite normal poppy melody sung over simple sine-like organ tones and lots of twitters and filter sounds. And like much of this style I find while its conceptually an intriguing combination

Microtalk a transition here to a clicks and cuts instrumental. Shows the guys are contemporary but not a lot of personality comes through.

Wilson is a tribute to presumably Brian Wilson who brought the Beach Boy's already superb harmonies into the worlds of fantastic and eccentric directions of songwriting and arrangement as he realized and tried to realize his musical ideas. (Brian is still around though his 2 brothers who were Beach Boys have passed away, Van Dyke Parks who was one of Hosono's main influences is perhaps best known for his collaborarions with Brian Wilson)

Supreme Secret is one of those hosono-style takes on funk which is either kinda fun or kinda clueless. Lighter and with a more late YMO-ish openning then mainly is like a less incessant F.O.E. piece (thats a good thing I guess).

Do You Want To Marry Me now comes a clearly Takahashi influenced one. I think the first impression of this is the song is stiff and kind of lifeless then I for one realized the lyric's seem exactly reflected in the singing and playing style. It seems to be like the man singing thinks the thing to do is get married and his approach is rather matter of fact.

Gokigen Ikaga 1.2.3 reminds me of a revision of Rap Phenomena though this time the beats do have the funk and comes out reasonably cool.

Reform instrumental with lots of electronica sounds. Doesn't go very far.

Flying George is surely a George Harrison refrence but this is pretty much YMO style with newer granular synthesis twitters mixed in with YT drums and Prophet 5.

Turn Down Day except for the up front YT played electronic drum tones this one has the guitars and stuff of a regular folky pop tune, maybe even J-Pop tune. YT is in nice expressive voice here.

Return whispered with funky blips, one of the more riffy and driving pieces here, reprising earlier lyrics on the album.

Theme From A Summer Place marvelously surreal cover of a famous (or perhaps infamous) EZ-Listening classic done with toungue in cheek electronica style. Actually the ¥EN 1980s Label act Testpattern that worked with YT and HH comes to mind right away.

Sketch Show


03.02.26 CTCR 40156

This allmost full length EP features Keigo Oyamada (Cornelius) as a guest and doesn't have Sakamoto as a guest. Nice stuff. The style is much more focused from track to track and notably has rhythm tracks made up of ticks and pops - definitely Glitch-Pop here. 9 tracks total including 2 remixes + a music video that is computer playable.

Some Sketch Show material is said to get a fall 2003 UK release. A live DVD from 2002 with R.S. and K.O. as featured guests and some YMO covers will be out late summer 2003 in Japan and perhaps fall in the U.K.


(*) 03.03.29 daisyworld 12" - RR12-88399
seems to be a clear vinyl single from the album with the cornelius mixes of these 2 tracks on the B side

mihiru koshi


(*) 03.03.05



(*) 03.07.18 daisyworld 12" RR12-88418

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